Phil R. Harris

Fine Art & Illustration

Phil R. Harris

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Phillip R. Harris was born in Denver, Colorado on March 28th, 1974. At about the age of five, Phil’s Grandfather Leo Robinson, nurtured a love of drawing and art in Phil’s young mind, and Phil continued to display a passion for drawing.

After graduating from high school Phil began attending Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD) where he studied under Larry Kresek, Hugh Alexander, and David Collins—all great illustrators, painters, and thinkers. After obtaining his BFA in illustration, Phil continued working for RMCAD while also helping students in the Illustration and Fine Arts programs. He also did some illustration work for commission to local clients. Phil also taught a continuing education Adult Drawing I course and was involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions at Dark Millennium Tattoo, Th’ink Tank Tattoo, Café Netherworld, and RMCAD.

In 2002 and 2003 Phil displayed his work at the first two Colorado Dark Arts Festivals. In 2004 Phil was accepted into the School of Visual Art (SVA) in New York City where he attended the “Illustration as Visual Essay” Masters Program. He was fortunate enough to study under the renowned Illustrator and Chair of that department, Marshall Arisman, as well as Carl Titolo, David Sandlin, and Gregory Crane. During his second year at SVA Phil was paired with the immensely talented sci-fi fantasy Illustrator Donato Giancola who became his mentor and thesis advisor. While in New York City Phil also became a member of the Antagonist Art group, where the mantra was “Art by any means necessary”, which is a movement begun in the East Village by young local artists. Phil began showing his artwork with the Antagonist’s at the bar Niagara in group exhibitions. At the same time Phil was involved in the “Save CBGB Show,” where his painted caricature of singer Iggy Pop was auctioned off.

After earning his Master of Fine Arts Degree from SVA, Phil continued to live in Brooklyn New York painting, building, and showing his portfolio and exhibiting his work in group shows.

In 2006 Phil worked with Gothic musician and comedian “Voltaire” in the design and construction of a backdrop and set design for Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors Convention in New Jersey. In 2008 Phil returned to Denver where he is currently teaching foundations art courses, and illustration courses at RMCAD: (Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design) 2010 Also Phil is constantly involved with displaying works for the 1st Friday art walk shows in downtown Denver each month, solo gallery shows, working on illustrations, and portraiture. Also he is continuing on new bodies of work for clients, private commissions, future exhibitions and personal work. Phil has also been teaching illustration and foundations art at RMCAD since 2010 and tutoring outside of the school since 2009.